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Hudson Valley Wedding Location

Rhine Valley Farm

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Hudson Valley Wedding Location

The main farmhouse was built in 1788. Our 20,000 square foot riding rink, is an option for events as is a 2,500 square foot heritage barn with 35 foot high ceilings. The facilities include additional on site kitchen, laundry and bathrooms separate from the living quarters.

There are flower gardens and two acres of seasonal biodynamic vegetables gardens. This is a living, rooted, regenerative community that is growing over time.

Rhine Valley Farm is available for both wedding and event rentals, and as a versatile location for television, commercial and movie shoots. 


Rhine Valley Farm

Deep in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Rhine Valley Farm is a land of enchantment. With 240 acres of lush forests, rocky mountain crests,  a swimming pond and lake, golden summer fields and over five miles of picturesque manicured trails, Rhine Valley Farm is a sanctuary, that cultivates deep connections with nature, soul regeneration and unexpected adventures of beauty and delight.


Ceremonies in the Enchanted Forest


The Experience

The farm offers 240 acres of lush forests, rocky mountain crests, a private swimming pond, lake frontage, golden summer fields and over 5 miles of manicured trails.


Rhine Valley Farm cultivates deep connection with nature, soul regeneration and unexpected adventures of beauty and delight.

The Heritage Barn

Our 2,500 square foot heritage barn with 25 foot high ceilings and 20,000 square foot riding rink with kitchen, shower and two bathrooms offers a great Plan B option if the weather shifts. If you are boho or glamping inspired, there is plenty of room for tepees  or yurts to be brought in to accommodate guests. 

Photo Credits: Carly E Diaz, Secret Supper, and Ambergress Photography 

Rhine Valley Farm
Have you dreamed of a wedding in the enchanted forest? A country weekend retreat? Or a mini-festival for just you and your wedding guests? 

Rhine Valley Farm is the perfect destination wedding location. Located only 90 minutes by train or driving from New York City, the farm is an 8 minute drive from the charming town of Rhinebeck that offers an array of farm to table restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, multiple accommodation options. 

Rhine Valley Farm
Includes use of our 240 acres, forests, trails, swimming areas, plus key designated facilities. 
For pricing on customized event experiences please contact us directly for further details.
(347) 204 - 9005
Wedding Pricing
Rhine Valley Farm in Hudson Valley
Shoot Location
Rhine Valley Farm

An Enchanted and Mysterious Land:

Locations for Movie, Commercial, and Television Shoots

Rhine Valley Farm

Rhine Valley Farm, located in the Hudson Valley, offers a variety of terrains for movie and television shoots. With over 240 acres of deep forests, golden fields, flowing streams, an olympic size swimming pond and pristine lake, this is an enchanted mysterious land reminiscent of both ancient pasts and future visions.


Located a 90-minute drive or train ride from New York City, the location has multiple heritage barns, and a 20,000 square foot indoor riding rink that can be used for set build-outs and shooting. The site also includes a 2,500 square foot converted barn with 35 high ceilings. Onsite independent facilities include 3 bathrooms, one shower and kitchen and laundry facilities.


Rhine Valley Farm is located 8 minutes from the charming town of Rhinebeck which features farm to table restaurants and many accommodation options. 

Contact us for Bookings and Pricing: 347-204-9005 


Rhine Valley Farm is host to a variety of events from weddings, to secret suppers, to charity dinners and galas, to select nature immersion retreats. Explore some of our past events here.

Contact us at 1-347-204-9005 or to plan your event.

Past Events

Produced by Secret Supper and sponsored by Patron Tequila. A winter wonderland dinner.

Complete with helicopter travel from Manhattan by Heliflite,  flowers by Hudson Botanica; food by Lighthouse Bk; and venue co-ordination/management by The Revelry Cooperative.

Photo Credits: Carly E Diaz and Secret Supper.


A festive multi-day country wedding, three days immersed in nature, family, friends and good cheer. 

Over 150 in attendance. Wedding Planner: Gina Maloney Events 


Photo Credits: Ambergress Photography 

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